Why doesn't the text match the question?

The instructions for this thread is as follows.

  1. Inside a console.log() statement, concatenate the two strings ‘Hello’ and ‘World’

I did this with the following code
console.log('Hello' + 'World');

Apparently this was wrong and I tried checking what the solution was, and apparently it’s

console.log('Hello'+ ' ' + 'World');

To be honest, I don’t think we should be wrong there.

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Agreed! But even when i use: console.log(‘Hello’+ ’ ’ + ‘World’); it still does not see it as being correct.

Ah - what it requires is both lines - one without the space, then one with the space.

The solution that I found worked the best for me was console.log('Hello ’ + 'World); because the space is included in the first string. Solved the problem for me.

What worked for me was console.log(‘Hello’ +’ ’ + ‘World’);
It took me a while to get it but i ended up figuring it out

i got it with console.log('Hello ’ + ‘World’)

for some reason it still says its wrong and i looked at the answer and what i put was write but it says it was wrong. :slight_smile: