Why doesn't the site's title appear on the page?


In this exercise, why does the paragraph display on the page but the title “My Coding Journey” does not?


The site <title> does not display on the page because this information is contained within the document’s <head>. Unlike the body element, the <head> element contains metadata which will not be displayed by the browser. You will learn more about the head and title elements in lesson 2 so stay tuned!


Use of the h and /h tags took me by surprise and I had to look them using Goggle. Apparently, there can be many headlines, such as h1, h2, h3, etc. and I assume that the coder has to number each according to its importance as I doubt if the headlines would sort themselves.

This is a big improvement over my first try. I think I'm getting the idea of coding.


I hope this is 100% right.


Read up on essay outlines and consider that an analogy to a document outline. There is no sort order for headings, only hierarchy or as you deduced, importance.

Is there any difference between <p> and <body>? Cause when I used both only content inside the opening and closing tags was displayed to the screen.


Tags do not appear on the screen, only what content they surround. The markup is for the browser (and a reader or user agent) to read and interpret.

A very big difference. <body></body> is the main content container, one of only two direct children of the <html></html> root element, the other being the <head></head>.

Paragraphs are text containers and their element tags indicate this. We could never write,.


since BODY is the main container, and cannot be written anywhere else except in the HTML element.


Thanks for your prompt reply, it was very helpful1


I don’t understand, :blush: what paragraph and title are you talking about? I don’t see the title “My Coding Journey” on this lesson. Thank you for your time!

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The <title></title> element is written in the <head></head> so the browser can insert it into the tab text or the window bar text. It does not appear in our webpage, proper since it is not part of the content, but the meta data.

<p></p> is a plain text container intended for paragraphical content, and perhaps images.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Are you replying to me, @mtf? If so I sure do appreciate it, the only problem is I don’t know where the op is talking about? I go to the lesson, which paragraph is being asked about?

Is the op asking about the code on the whole web page of the lesson it self, or a specific example in the lesson?

I think what was meant was that “My Coding Journey” was something the user inserted themselves and didn’t see because they placed it as a title. Here’s a screenshot to better emphasize that:


Very confusing for sure! I thought the question had something to do with the URL only saying “http://localhost/” instead of “http://codecademy.com/localhost/” or something :sweat_smile:


:pray::metal::+1: Thank you, @nbornstein!

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