Why doesn't the site's title appear on the page?



In this exercise, why does the paragraph display on the page but the title “My Coding Journey” does not?


The site <title> does not display on the page because this information is contained within the document’s <head>. Unlike the body element, the <head> element contains metadata which will not be displayed by the browser. You will learn more about the head and title elements in lesson 2 so stay tuned!

FAQ: Learn HTML Elements - Intro to HTML - The Body

Use of the h and /h tags took me by surprise and I had to look them using Goggle. Apparently, there can be many headlines, such as h1, h2, h3, etc. and I assume that the coder has to number each according to its importance as I doubt if the headlines would sort themselves.

This is a big improvement over my first try. I think I'm getting the idea of coding.


I hope this is 100% right.


Read up on essay outlines and consider that an analogy to a document outline. There is no sort order for headings, only hierarchy or as you deduced, importance.