Why doesn't the ipad pro keyboard spacebar work?

I was trying to use my ipad pro 12.9 but the spacebar is the only key that does not work on the command line. Is there any way this can be fixed?

Thanks in advance

Have a great day.

no, codecademy currently only focusses on the website for PC/laptop.

you can try to to use chrome and then request the desktop version of the site, but personally i would just use a computer, that is the best fix

Thanks for the reply. Ive been using it for java and javascript and it works just fine. Ive only ran into this problem while using the command section. Thanks again

how good courses are working also depends on the course, do the course you can on ipad if that pleases you, for the rest i recommend to use a PC

Might be something of help here:

And note that you will probably only run into this issue on a few courses:

  • Deploy a Website
  • Learn Git
  • Learn Rails
  • Learn the Command Line