Why doesn't my progress show 100%?

Hi, why doesn’t my progress show 100% even though I’ve completed everything? And it kept leading me to the 3rd pic when I clicked ‘continue’ in the 1st pic… :confused:

The last image, if you click on 6. Sketching (bottom left) it out you will get a overview of all exercise in that track, do they all have a checking mark? Screenshots of this would be really nice

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Yep, all of them have a tick.

Well, the most important thing is that you completed everything and you understand it. Which you have done. @alexcommunitymgr, can you look into this?


I had the exact same problem.

To get it to 100%, I had to go back to lessons weren’t ticked or 100%(like the CSS Positioning in your screenshot) and resubmit my answers for all questions.

It’s really troublesome tho :sweat:

P.S: Sorry, I know I’m really late to the topic but I just wanted to post it here so anybody else who might have the problem can have a temp solution.