Why doesn't it work?

	<div id="intro"><h2>Introduction</h2></div>
	<div class="standout"><h3>Classes and IDs in CSS</h3>
	<p>Classes and IDs are super easy in CSS. You're using them right now!</p></div>
	<h3>Regular HTML Selectors</h3>
	<p>If you don't bother with a class or ID, an HTML element just gets
	   the regular CSS styling for that element—or the default styling if you
	   don't specify any particular styling on the stylesheet.

Oops, try again. Did you remember to add the intro ID to the h2 header?

I already tried another browser

I like the idea you wrap a div around it, but it is not going to work to pass the exercise. You need to add the id’s and classes to the headings (h2, h3 etc) and paragraphs

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