Why doesn't Codecademy have a C++ course?

Hi there.
I was fairly new to programming until I did CodeCademy’s Python course, which I found was good and interesting. I am glad to see courses for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other languages, but it seems to me that there is a glaring omission: C++. A large part of the world still does code in C++, and despite increasing usage of Python and Ruby, I do not believe it has died out yet, as many of my friends have it in their school curriculum, and a lot of competitive programming competitions allow only for C++ programming, and hence I do not see it as being rendered completely obsolete. Hence my query, and a request to upload a C++ course, as other websites and books feel inferior compared to my CodeCademy experience. I am quite unable to learn it, in a short and sweet manner. Please do add a C++ course, as it would help many of us out here.

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I’m 99% sure it’s been considered :wink: