Why doesn't Codeacademy fix the known Python bugs?

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Hi Daniel,

Codecademy has mostly dropped support for it’s old courses, and Python is one of those. I expect they will come out with a new Python course sometime to replace the old one, and then the old one will vanish.

Until then, if you find any blocking bugs (bugs that prevent you from proceeding) in the Python course, please let us know here in #Codecademy-Community-Lounge:Codecademy-Platform-Problems-and-Suggestions :slight_smile:

I’ve spent an hour trying all the posted solution to pass reading between the lines and nothing works.

I was going to sign up for the Pro version. No longer!!! On to a new learning tool

@daniel.kostykgmail.c If you ask for help in the appropriate #python subcategory, and include a link to the exercise you’re having trouble on, the error message you’re getting, and your code, I’m sure someone will be able to help you :slight_smile:

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