Why does your program say I'm correct when I'm not



First off I'm NOT stuck I have the correct answer. My problem is the exercise is asking me to print out the DATA in the list but it prints out just the names without the data yet still says I'm correct.

<img src="//codecademy-discourse.s3.amazonaws.com/original/5X/3/5/1/a/351a3ef352c6a3c2b98456ea4fc9d6468587289f.jpg" width="690" height="312">


The part of output looks like this and It prints as expected.

Can you put your code here ?


Please look at the picture that I included with the post. It is showing the wrong information but still at the bottom says I'm correct. I had to include a picture because I can't copy and paste the code for some reason. Again I'M NOT stuck on this (I have the "real" correct answer) I just want to know why your program is saying it IS correct.


Weird its not same with me. You can see.


LOL That's too funny. Ok, thanks for the assistance. I guess I'll just press on.


Actually It has this problem, When you make your loop variable students same as global variable list students , It lets you pass on incorrect output.


Thanks for the info. It's funny that I test software for a living and find
bugs in the software to learn to program! LOL. Is there someone to report
this to? I'm REAL new to this so I have no clue.


It's funny that I test software for a living


Is there someone to report this to?

Yeah you can report to Moderators here ,If your report is valid, It will be taken into consideration and resolved. :slight_smile:


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