Why does this step not pass even if I'm in the right directory?


I’ve navigated to the correct directory, 2014/dec/, but the step is still not marked as correct with a green check. Why is this, and how can I fix it?


Sometimes you’ll need to print the working directory or list the files to pass a step.
If you know for sure you’re in the right place, try doing pwd and ls and you should pass! If not, and you’re 100% sure you’re in the right place, try the following:

  1. Make sure you’re using Chrome, as it’s typically the most reliable
  2. Clear your browser’s cache and hard refresh the page (cmd + shift + R on Mac, ctrl + F5 on Windows)

I got the same issue. The reason you don’t pass is because of the way you decided to come there. The command that it wants to see is ‘‘cd 2014/dec/’’, which means you have to be in the ‘‘blog’’ directory for it to work. =)


I got the same issue, I was in the right directory but it still didn’t work. I clicked “Get help” and “Give me the solution…” and I could pass into the next step.

When I did this, it wasn’t changing my directories and files but it was giving me the check mark. When I moved on, everything wouldn’t change to what I needed to learn. When I clicked the get help and the solution thing, it deleted my progress but gave me the check mark.

I had to back up using "cd … " a couple of times to get to the right spot. I kept getting an error (bash: cd: 2014: No such file or directory) just using “cd 2014/dec/”. Maybe that is incorrect and I should have used something else. This is ALL new to me, so highly possible. :wink:


Thanks for sharing what the CC solution was expecting!

A shame that CC doesn’t recognize the solution of typing .. twice followed by 2014/dec in one same line, since we had just been introduced to cd ../feb on the previous page (6. cd II).


Don’t worry, you did the right thing :grinning:

Just make sure you get to the required directory in a single step.

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That’s what I did as well. I typed cd …/…/2014/dec. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in a single step, it specifically wants you to type out the entire path which is a pain in the bum and imo should be fixed.


true, so why the exercise say that we go to 2014/dec in ‘one step’? when i need 4 step, pwd, cd…, cd…, cd2014/dec


cd ../../2014/dec

This was the first thing I did. I was really confused when it wasn’t accepted. Apparently it looks for the specific command ‘cd 2014/jan’.

Same here, I was happy to apply what I had just learned (that I could string .. into the path to back up instead of starting from home) and was disappointed it wasn’t recognized as a solution. Bumping this in the hopes that solutions is included as acceptable for future users.

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Got similar issue and was stuck until i refresh the page

Did refreshing give you the desired solution or just the pass to move?

I did refresh although I got a PASS before the refresh but I did NOT get the desired result with the keyboard.txt as last in the directory list.
I am moving on after spending minutes repeating my code and calling for solution without result. It MUST be a bug. Just thinking it is a BUG.

It should , follow the steps correctly.
If not try refreshing the page and clearing cookies,cache, restarting browser, check connection.