Why does the example have an empy `<th>`?

line 20 i will give you the picture

Company Name Adam's Greenworks
Number of Items to Ship 14
Next Action Package Items

this was how i did mine … is this wrong?
Because the course said it was right

I think the lesson mentions that the blank was left blank and it noted it would leave a blank cell in the header.

you forgot to close the tags on the left

So why does the table heading tag got rendered and created a column but why not for the table row tag?

All of the table elements take their size from the content streamed into them. If I’m not mistaken, a <table/> element that has not been given any dimensions will have zero area. If this is true then it can be given a border of 1px that when rendered will be a 2 pixel by 2 pixel dot on the screen. Try it and report back. We’ll continue from there.

Empty “th” is the issue. The task is to create 3 table headings, none should be empty.

there is no need for the empty heading here . because we need it only if we also have row heading.

En el ejercicio se solicita que se agreguen tres títulos de tabla, de la siguiente manera:

Company Name Number of Items to Ship Next Action

En la imagen que compartes, has puesto lo siguiente:

Company Name Number of Items to Ship Next Action Al haber una etiqueta vacía de de cuenta como otro titulo de tabla, lo que te sumaria un total de 4 titulos. Por esa razón fue probable que no hayas logrado completar el ejercicio.