Why does the editor font look different in linux


Anyone know why the font looks different on the editor when using firefox on linux if it matters Im on kubuntu 18.04 KDE plasma 5.12


You’d have to compare to something else in order to be able to say that there’s a difference.

If there’s software involved in rendering your font, that may be different.
Or maybe you’re just using a different font.

If “the editor” refers to a website, then that website might or might not provide a font and might have logic for selecting one. And/or your browser may be using its own fonts (and, again, whatever is rendering them plays a part, and is something you’d change in your os)


When I say editor I mean the codecademy editor, thanks for the reply


I would like to know where I would go to change the font of the text editor within codecademy if possible.


Hmmm, why not use inspect element, and replace this:

.aclass {
    font-family: monospace;

To this:

.aclass {
    font-family: “which ever one you prefer”;

Replace ”which ever one you prefer with a valid font, though. :smile:


I don’t know about yours but on my end it changes when I change my browser’s fonts


It’s because Windows/macOS and Linux have different stock fonts. A lot of fonts that Windows has have no font that is similar in Linux.
Here’s a table to show just a few examples.


Thanks Guys I ended up switching back to mac OS as I am going to be working within that environment and Linux.