Why does the dropdown list have both up and down arrows?

Why does the picture of the code below show two arrows, an up and a down one? Shouldn’t it be just a down one? Also, is there a way to send feedback directly to codeacademy? I think giving the option for people to provide feedback when they encounter something wrong would be beneficial for them.

Sorry I’m new so I am not 100% sure, but I think the <select> element has up & down arrows because it is indicating that you can select anywhere in the list.

Also you can select the default option to be the second or third item on the list as below:

<select name="bun" id="bun">
            <option value="sesame">Sesame</option>
            <option value="potato" selected>Potato</option> 
<!--Potato is selected as the default-->
            <option value="pretzel">Pretzel</option>

So I think the order is not very relevant.

If I am wrong please somebody correct me.

it depends, i recently made a dropdown with every country on earth (249), that the countries are in alphabetic other massively helps in finding your country more quickly.