Why does the code take longer to run on here compared to Java?

I started learning Java because I wanted to start developing games. I then learned that Unity is the best game engine that can carry out my game ideas. I also learned that you have to use C# so I switched (I was only like 11% through the course). Doing the lessons on C#, I’ve noticed that the code takes longer to execute compared to Java. Why is this? Was my internet just coincidentally slower while doing the C# lessons?

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Hey @privvet, welcome to our community! Good to have you with us :slight_smile:

There should be no difference in load times when you’re in different courses on codecademy.com. It’s possible that a lot of people were taking the course at the same time as you were resulting in longer load times. Another reason, as you said, could’ve been your internet at the time. Will you let me know if this happens again?


I think this is only happening with C#. It took a noticeably longer time for the code to execute than Java. No one in my house was using the internet to do anything major. I went back to the Java course and its code took less time to execute. It may be because the starting code in the C# lessons is just longer than the starting code in Java. That’s just my guess. Is C# just a more resource-hungry language?