Why does puts not work the same?


link: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-ruby/lessons/methods-blocks-sorting/exercises/practice-makes-perfect-1?action=resume_content_item


def by_three?(num)
  if num % 3 == 0
    puts true
    puts false


def by_three?(num)
  if num % 3 == 0
    return true
    return false

For this code I was asked to “Define a by_three? method that takes a single integer parameter, number , and returns true if that number is evenly divisible by three and false if not”. My main question is why do I have to use return here? Why does puts not work the same?
Thank you


puts and return are very different, puts prints output while return hands data back to the function call


so the code keeps going after the puts prints output but for return it ends the code there and goes back to the function call?


but in this case wouldn’t the outcome be the same?


return hands back to the function call

no, because when using return this:


won’t give any output given you wont print the returned result:

puts by_three?(5)

furthermore, if return is not explicitly used, the function will return a default value.


Ruby is different from python there, everything is an expression and the result of a function is whatever the body evaluates to (the return keyword can therefore sometimes be omitted, and this is one such case)

@josephspinelli210164 there is no overlap between puts and return


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