Why does nothing happen when I press Run?



Why does nothing happen when I press Run?


If you see “What is your name?” printed to the terminal window on the right, then it’s just waiting for you to type your name, press enter, and then answer the next two questions in the same way. When it’s done taking input from you, it will display the string you’ve built and pass the exercise.
If you just see a black screen when you press Run, be sure that you’ve used string formatting correctly and if that doesn’t work, try these few steps:
Be sure to use Chrome, it’s typically the most reliable,
Clear your browser’s cache and press Cmd + Shift + R (Mac) or Ctrl + F5 (Windows),
Or check out our official troubleshooting guide

FAQ: Learn Python – Strings & Console Output – String Formatting with %, Part 2

both the explanation here and the lesson are clear as mud.


go back and read lessons.also read faqs.