Why does my < title >text< /title > not show up?


if I leave the text between < head >< /head > it shows up, but when I add < title >text< /title > it disappears.. any suggestion? thanks


yea, it is suppose to show up in the browsers tab, but because codecademy uses something called an iframe (very simply said, this is a webpage in a webpage), this won't work. try it on jsbin, there it will work besides jsbin title, or try it in a local html file (by that i mean: make a html file on your computer), that would be even better


Thanks so much - I didn't know jsbin so i appreciate your sharing that with me!


there are so many of those kind of sites (jsfiddle), and codepen which is really nice, of course you could just download a text-editor and make html files on your comuter, also really nice


Thanks stetim94!! :grin: