Why does MovieApp route file require double quotations?


If I have get "/movies" => "movies#index" it gets the tick. But with single quotations, it doesn't.

Seems like a bug?

I only figured out I should try double quotations after 3 hours of messing around with zero productivity.

Why are there so many bugs?

Am I learning code from people who don't know how to code? Irony?

While we are at it, why does the tutorial keep referring to the "Movies" controller, as opposed to "movies" controller? I'm only new to coding, but I thought rails convention was for models to be sentence case and controllers to be lower case.

Codecademy seems so, so sloppy.


Hi @ssdfsadsadfasdfsadf,

I'm guessing the code checker is being a little too strict here. Could you give a link to the lesson?

If you'd like, you can submit a bug report in the left sidebar under the instructions.


Appreciated the quick reply.

I moved on, but I'm pretty sure if you go to the MovieApp and try to put in the first line of the routes file, you'll encounter the same problem.

I moved on to Authentication and Authorisation.

Authentication (the first half of the tutorial) worked fine.

Authorisation (the second half of the tutorial) couldn't even get past the first screen. The 4th directive is to load http://localhost:8000. When it loads, the only thing that appears are the words "Not Found" in the top left in plain black text on a white background.


I should add that the directive is to: Click on "View Recipes" to see recipes inside a cuisine.

But you can't click on something that's not there...


@ssdfsadsadfasdfsadf Does loading http://localhost:8080 work?


Its just a tad bit too strict.
Here is what I put.

I dread getting the code when stuck as it gives the code to the entire lesson, but I had to to move on.
Here is what it needed to allow me to get through.

It didn't like that I typed it on line 2, it wanted it on line 3...


@pellew I can't really tell what "Get Code" fixed without seeing the error ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Glad you were able to pass!


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