Why does JavaScript course do everything in console

I have been working through the JavaScript course and am almost done now!! I have finished the html and css course and made a couple of websites with them. I am wonder why and how is most of the course logging to console and how do I apply it to my website? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

Javascript is the language used on the browser and is very important in front-end development however that’s not it’s only use. The course “Learn Javascript” that I assume you are referring to is purely about Javascript and thus uses Node to interact with the console and process the Javascript. If you want to learn how to interact with Javascript in specifically a web development environment, you can use the “Front-End Development” career path. If you have already completed the HTML/CSS and JS courses when you start this then many of the points will already be ticked off and you don’t need to repeat them! However it also adds in a lot of extra info for building a fully-fledged front-end application and explains in more detail how to integrate JS with the browser code.

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