Why does it take so long to load? lesson 9 LOOPS & ITERATORS


If there is an error, it usually pops up right away in red font. When I hit run, all it does is load for a couple minutes, then nothing happens. It’s making the whole process of learning Ruby extremely frustrating, and very time-consuming.

I know my code is wrong, but it shouldn’t just sit there and not do anything. Even if I just start adding random characters, it still does nothing. No syntax error.


Please post a link to this exercise. Thanks.




It runs instantly for me. Can we see your raw code, please?


I honestly feel like I’m not really grasping most of this. I can remember some of the variables, syntax but I’m struggling a lot with the looping :frowning:

I wish the glossary was easier to navigate. Like having it alphabetized at the top of the page instead of having to scroll down to find the term you are looking for. A lot of the time I find myself forgetting simple little things like => or gets.chomp, and to be perfectly honest I’ve had to resort to reading a kids book to explain "if, else, elsif. “Ruby Wizardy”

Maybe programming isn’t for me. :frowning:


i = 21
loop do
next if i -= 1
print "#{i}"
break if i <= 0


Even just resetting the workspace takes a ridiculous amount of time. Also it keeps asking me if I’m still there every few minutes while I’m trying to code. It disconnects, and then automatically starts the Run program when I hit the red button “Get back to Coding!”


That looks a little off.

next if i % 2 != 0


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