Why does it say " you didn't check for the user's age?


confirm("I am Ready!");
var age = prompt("What's your age");
if (age < 4)
console.log(" It take responsibility");
else {
console.log("You are correct, Continue");

Anything wrong with my code, if so please help me fix


Well first off, I would note this statement in the instructions in step 13 "If age is less than 13, use console.log " Also, it would seem you are missing { } from your if and else statements. Go back and add those. I would further note that when I have my correct code but I have several semi-colons it doesn't take my else statement so I would also get rid of all your semi-colons. Hopefully that helps! :smiley:


thank you for the help, it worked just like you said :smiley:


Good! Glad to have helped! :smiley:


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