Why does it say that code for the "orange" key doesnt work properly?

prices = {
    "banana" : 4,
    "apple" : 2,
    "orange" : 1.5,
    "pear" : 3

stock = {
    "banana" : 6,
    "apple" : 0,
    "orange" : 32,
    "pear" : 15

for key in prices:
    print key
    print "price:", prices[key]
    print "stock:", stock[key]


Please format your post as I have done (select entire code block; press Ctrl+Shift+C) from next time. Thanks! :smile: Please post the exercise link. Thanks!


lulz okay xD im sorry doe




k nvm problem solved, thanks :smiley:


the problem still exists . Can you fix it. Thank you.


I have had the same problem. You should write price and not prices.


I have copied the same code but still the problem persists and showing the same error.Can someone please help?


@scriptjumper41984 @ravik21 please create a new topic in the correct category explaining your problem, with the code you used and the exercise link. Thanks!