Why does it keep saying that '#' is a pound sign?

Why does it keep saying that β€˜#’ is a pound sign?

because it is? They are called pound signs. Or number signs. From wikipedia:
The term number sign is most commonly used when the symbol is used before a number. In the United States and Canada, it is sometimes known as the pound sign (particularly in the context of its use on telephone keypads). source

Oh. I was thinking of the currency.

Yea, that is why numbers sign is more frequently used then pound sign, because pound sign can be confusing

Let’s keep it simple:
Β£ - Pound
# - Number
Β£1.50 - One pound fifty (pence)
#3 - Number 3 (e.g. Third place)

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I would have called β€˜#’ a hash.

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That would be correct too, but it’s just personal preference, really.

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