Why does it keep on giving me a javascript error when I am putting in the correct things in?

Whenever I put in console.log(5); it says it is wrong even though it is telling me to put these exact things on the code. Does anyone know how to fix this???

Hello @rithwikcoding5423, welcome to the forums! Can you post a link to the exercise, please?

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Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the greetings and the reply! So do you want the link of the javascript lessons where it is saying wrong for me? Thanks

Yes, if you still want help with this!

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Of course here is the link below.


Can you send a screenshot of your Codecademy environment, please?

So I am having trouble posting a picture of it or uploading a file so is there any other way to fix this.

Which exercise are you talking about?

You linked to the exercise String Concatenation which wants you to print the strings:
"HelloWorld" and "Hello World"

That seems to be referring to the earlier exercise Console

So, which exercise are you attempting and what exactly are you typing?


Hi mtrtmk thanks for replying to one of the things I need help with. So I probably put in the wrong link let me put in the correct link. Here is the correct link below:


And what exactly are you typing in the editor?

If you have trouble uploading/posting a screenshot (there is an upload button in the post editor), then do the following:

  • At the bottom of the exercise (next to the Run button), click on the icon "Copy to Clipboard". It will copy all the code you have entered in the exercise.

  • Come back to the forums and post a reply in this thread. In the forum post editor, click on the </> button for Preformatted text. Post your code (you can use CTRL+V or right-click and paste) in between the backticks. (For more details, you can also see the thread [How to] Format code in posts)

Hopefully, that will offer clues as to why your solution is not being accepted.

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Okay I am going to follow those steps. Here is it below: See I coded this and it is telling me to put this in the code and it is telling me that it is wrong.

// Print 5 to the console

What you are referring to is an example from the information section above the instructions. The actual instructions do not ask you to print 5 to the console. They only deal with comments:

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Thanks for reaching out to me midlindner. I just tried your instructions out and it turns out I was looking at the wrong thing. Thank You for helping me fix this error that I made!!!

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Thanks for liking my forums!!!