Why Does Codecademy Workspace Not Support C# and C++ But Recognises them?

Link to workspace(Workspaces now have a share button but before I did so you can view it:

Look at this:

This works; the compiler recuses this language and it runs.

Look at HelloWorld.cs:

If the Codecademy Workspace only works with Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript then why does it colour the unacceptable file keywords(it’s not even a Python, HTML… file) as blue(the colour that CC colours language keywords). So it means even though CCW(Codecademy Workspace) doesn’t run properly it still recognises C#'s keywords as keywords. So it knows that C# exists but doesn’t run it properly. What is this strange stuff? The exception that it actually does not actually recognise(I mean all of them) is if Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS has all of the keywords in C# which means it would even colour all keywords blue in C#. I think it just recognises C# keywords since the HelloWorld.cs file is not just white(if it is then it is not a coding file supported).

PS: You can view my workspace if you want(I recommend you to). Tell me how to write a better Python, C# and C++ files!

If I had to guess it would be that while the workspaces themselves only support HTML/CSS/JS and Python, it uses the normal Codecademy editor and syntax highlighting, because Codecademy has courses on C# and C++, their editor has syntax highlighting support for those languages even if you can’t actually run them in the workspace

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