Why does codecademy keeping saying my code is wrong, also why does nothing change on the website model when I change things in css

This has happened in more than just CSS and even within the same exercise. For example, this practice has me change the font size of the paragraph labeled p to 18px. I then add “font-size: 18px;” within the curly-brackets and it says that it is wrong, afterwards I will ask for solution and nothing would have changed and the code added will be exactly the same as what I had. What is going on and am I doing something wrong?

Furthermore, while I play around with css and run the command that it asks nothing changes on the front-end website model, is that normal or is something going on?

Thank you

For your first question (code never changes, am i doing something wrong), the answer is no you are not doing anything wrong. The same thing happens to me.

For your second question (css tinkering, nothing changes), the question from me is what exactly are you changing? Is it the font (which is very noticable) or like margins or something?

My question: is this problem happening always (every time you change something) or just sometimes?

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My problem is happening all of the time consistently and I can’t even do the assignments properly because nothing on the front end changes so I’m at a standstill in css and don’t know what to do. But for instance I changed a photo from very small to medium and then very high pixels and nothing happened, but when I chanced the height and width in the image on the front end html it changed. But it’s nice to know I’m not doing things wrong. And how do I go about it is what I’m wondering now.

Literally, just now I was taking the CSS course and it did the same thing. Perhaps our computers just aren’t used to whatever code Codecademy courses use to link stylesheets (I hope you understand, that was a mouthful).

To get around this, maybe you could do your best with the exercises, learn, click that show solutions button, and just feel confident in yourself until someone fixes it. Then when you build your own website you could use what you learned without any issues.

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I too have had this issue before. Maybe worth it to report a bug?

Yea, I brought it up to Codecademy support and they told me that their engineers were going to look at it and that I should keep them updated but it’s honestly all throughout the css practice so it’s hard to do so.