Why does codecademy do this?

I am working through the HTML lessons. I am on the section of adding images. I have followed the instructions to add the little ninja under the rubber duck and it doesn’t work. So the link:

as suggested by codecademy doesn’t work. You click the Save and Submit Code to test and you get an “Oops, Try Again” error. Meaning you are just stuck there and can’t progress…no bypass the problem, no debug, you’re just dead in the water…

After much frustration and searching around on the web I managed to get a url of an image and added it to the body of the test code…so here’s the entire piece of code:

Some images
	<img src="http://www.gstatic.com/webp/gallery/1.jpg"/>

And now both images, the rubber duck and a scenery image are display…and guess what…click Save and Submit Code and I still get that stupid “oops Try again” error.

Why does Codecademy hold you back like this? So my code is working but the interpreter somehow thinks it’s wrong…then let me bypass this and move on to the next module…so frustrating

this exercise requires xml syntax, you need a space between .jpg" and />, i reported this as bug, but nothing has been done about it

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