Why do you code? Weekly Poll #2

Basically, what is the story behind why you code? I know I would love to hear it and I know codecademy would love to hear it. If you got time to type your story out in a comment below hope you do! Thanks to @kyleaw for pushing this question into the light of thought!

  • new job/career opportunities
  • wanted to refresh/improve coding skills
  • as a hobby/just for fun
  • homework for school or related
  • work with computers/programming/etc.
  • I have no idea I just saw this site and started…
  • to teach/help others learn to code/program better
  • other reason? comment below!

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Well you’ve probably already seen my story more than once, but with this specific question, I want a career in programming/development/anything code related.
For years, especially being in accelerated programs in school, I felt pretty pressured to make a decision about a career path, and I also felt pressured by my dad to do something like medical or engineering related.
Programming was never something that I thought I would be able to do well, but it turns out I have the aptitude for it, and I can’t wait to major in something awesome like Computer Science. I don’t know the specific job I want, because who does, but right now, I really am interested in backend development.

@bibleman13 would you share specifics of your story and what you want to do with programming?
Also, thanks for the awesome poll my dude!


to someday make an amazingly interactive website (/ for fun)

and hopefully as an added bonus I will be able to use code to improve some games and animation stuff I work on. Eg cool particle effects, automation.
Guess in general to make things seem more alive and immersive.


In 1981, curious about how computers function, I took an introductory course at Brooklyn College. Our programming language was PL/I. I found the course quite interesting, and subsequently enrolled in additional courses that used languages such as Pascal, FORTRAN (now Fortran), COBOL, IBM 360/370 Assembly, Intel 8080 machine language, and Lisp. For the earlier courses we used punched cards to enter our code, and received our results on long sheets of paper, sometimes hours or a full day later.

Card from a Fortran program: Z(1) = Y + W(1)
Downloaded from Wikipedia: Punched card
Attribution statement: “Arnold Reinhold - I took this picture of an artifact in my possession. The card was created in the late 1960s or early 1970s and has no copyright notice.”

Later on, I used programming for various projects at work, primarily in Java, but nowadays am using Python and a few other languages just for fun.


I code because I want to make a career for myself out of it. Still in the beginning process of making the career though. I would like to make awesome apps, games, and websites and coding allows me to share those ideas.


Yeah I think I can haha. Unfortunately, I have never used a “punch card” like @appylpye but my grandmother, who used to teach computer in high school back in the 70’s and 80’s, did and she still remembers those! :smiley: Anyhow, so my programming story is quite simple. 6 months ago I had never coded a thing. I had always thought of computer programming as something that sounded cool but only really smart people could do. However, my boss at my work asked me to learn a few of the basics of coding for an upcoming project and he suggested Codecademy. So I trudged over not knowing what to expect or where it would go. Well, long story short, the “project” never came but I was introduced to a world I never thought I could actually participate in/actually accomplish stuff in. Mostly, I use coding for either shortcuts at work, fiddling or trying different things for fun like challenges, and continuing to expand my horizon and finish coding language courses that I started on Codecademy all those months ago!

P.S. just to show you how new I was I thought Java was the beginning course for Javascript :stuck_out_tongue: hehe
And to @kyleaw delight, I will say this: I work with engineers as an assistant. I think that is specific enough to satisfy xD


because coding is a new world


what do you do for work? i’ve heard you talk about work before, but i also know you’re a teen, so i’m just curious.

edit: you responded by editing your post, so i will do the same - that’s an awesome job! my dad is an electrical engineer and he was always telling me things like “be a mechanical/civil/electrical/any other kind of engineer because engineers are the best!”

this is gold! I never thought this, but i definitely thought the two were the same thing. They have nothing to do with each other AT ALL, but it’s good to know both of them.

i can kind of relate to your story just in the sense that i recently started coding as well, and i thought it was going to be SO MUCH HARDER than it really is. :slight_smile:

thanks for the topic and for your story, i’m glad you’re part of the community and i can’t wait to see you grow even more!

P.S. It’s interesting, people either seem to be coding as a hobby, or for a career path, because the results are 50/50!


I’m 25 and it’s been little time since I figured that programming was indeed something I could do for a living. When I was younger and had to choose a career, I tried different things but no one really worked for me.

The path that brought me here is kinda funny… I “started” “hacking” (I gotta emphasise those quotation marks omggg) those silly facebook games for fun, and not really knowing what I was doing with the code, but still. I could be there hours. It sparked a curiosity in me that not other topic ever could do, so I insisted.

I started studying Systems Analysis last year and it’s been truly revealing for me! I love it and though some subjects are a pain in the a**, it’s so worth it.

I know they wont teach us Phyton so I wanted to learn it by myself, but honestly I’m in for any language.

Sorry for my spanglish :blush:


I just discovered this.

Coding pays well (or will when I get back to the workforce–it’s helped me save enough anyway) and there’s a minimum of politics.

I started as a kid on my Apple, learning Basic, but I had trouble in my high school’s advanced placement class. The emphasis was different from how I learned. With sites like this I’ve learned that, yes, my way of learning was valid, and it’s good not to be working towards an exam, or against people.

I’ve also written a few text adventures in Inform 7 as part of a lifelong goal.

The tough thing for me is not listening to people who make coding sound tougher than it is. There are so many help resources out there, from here to StackOverflow to just plain googling.


I thought so too. I spent time worrying/wondering which I should do first. I find when I get bogged down in terminology and theory instead of doing, I freeze up. But then I see, oh, you can just do that, that’s cool, and things click.


This place does teach a whole bunch of coding/programming languages. They have 9 free Python style courses and 3 Nanodegree courses (And while I do agree that the Nanodegrees are awesome and all, I’ve been doing the free courses and doing great! :grin: )


I did a Computer Science course in highschool (because my father suggested it). I didn’t like it – especially the programming part since we were using a language called Turing and the teacher didn’t teach anything (we had to figure everything out ourselves and that language isn’t popular). I did like the hardware component of it and considered computer engineering.

Upon getting into a university with a strong reputation in STEM and has the best Computer Science program in my country, I decided to give it a go again. In the end, it was enjoyable to create something.

So in the end, I decided that coding is fun and it can open many doors to opportunities/careers.


i don’t know :frowning: it is a mix between doing it for a hobby, and maybe doing it when I am older…


No one seems to be really into teaching…


I guess since teachers more than likely already know all this stuff they aren’t on this site xD Even though I bet those teachers could use a few freshers themselves!


when I first started coding I was looking how to code Mods for minecraft but I started Javascript instead of Java, but as of recently I’ve been learning how to make a website


I came here to learn new skills to change my career. I want to become website/mobile app developer. And I am very happy to find this place because it’s so easy and fun to learn here and the community of students and advisors here is very friendly and helpful!


Coding provides me a freedom of choose when I can work and have a rest, there is no raw time limitations or plans in working process and this is really matter for me and most ppl I suppose

I code because it’s just plain amazing what you can do with it and how great of an impact you can make on the world. This is a superpower these days and learning the languages allow a kind of power that seems like wizardry and ridiculously hard to those who have no idea about coding. Thanks for giving me a good foothold before going out and doing my own things! Oh also, I want a job in this and luckily I’m absolutely in love with it so I’ll never really work a day in my life!