Why do we use maximum width 100% to see a full image and not minimum width?


In this exercise, why does changing the .image container img rule’s maximum width to 100%, ensure that the entire image is always seen.

How does changing the maximum scaling width change how the picture scales? If anything, I would’ve thought minimum width at 100% would force the entire image to be seen. I don’t entirely understand how this interaction works.

FAQ: Sizing Elements - Scaling Images and Videos
FAQ: Sizing Elements - Scaling Images and Videos

When scaling the width of an img to 100%, it is the parent container width that it is scaled to. We do not set the height in this case, only the width. The picture will expand to fit the parent to any size. It may overflow at the bottom after a certain width.

BTW, please post a link to the exercise so we can read the lesson text and give this question some context.