Why do we use " ! " in capitalize method ?!


Replace this line with your code.


Without the !, the string isn't changed.

Test it out for yourself with this code.

my_string = "string"
puts my_string
puts my_string

You can do this:

my_string_2 = "string2"
my_new_string = my_string_2.capitalize
puts my_new_string


Thanks for your help , i will try it .


string isn't capitalized in the first case ( capitalize) but it was capitalized when i wrote ( capitalize!).Thank you !


so is this true?


var = var.upcase

And why isn't the ! introduced in the first lesson when upcase is introduced? Would one ever use it without the !?


Both of those will give you the same result. Whatever string is stored in var will be all uppercase.

A reason why you might not want to use ! is that you don't want to change your original value.


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