Why do we use coding?


Why do we have a special language for coding? Why can’t we just use normal language?
Could someone please answer me?


Because the computer doesn’t understand human language. Coding is a set of instructions so the computer does understand what it suppose to do

There are some brilliant answers to this question here


Computers understand 1’s and 0’s. If you ever meet someone that likes to code in Binary… run. Languages like these make it easier to write code.


Why weren’t computers made to understand human language?


Because human language is far more complicated. And not suitable for the specific set of instructions a computer needs. From a someone who is new to programming, english make sense, but if you understand computers better, and how they work, it actually doesn’t make sense, did you read the quora question i linked to?


I can’t go to quora.


Why not?  


I think Quora only allows you to view a part of the answer if you’re not logged in.


I opened it in private navigation, it looks slightly different (no votes), but i will show


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