Why do we need "Monty = True" Variable?


So in the exercise 13, "Bring it all together" Python Syntax.

Why do we need the first Variable Monty = True. We can get the results of Squared python without it.

What is the importance of having it?

# Why we need the first variable?
monty = True      #python, Why do I need this variable? 
python = 1.234
monty_python = python ** 2


Just an instruction stuff I guess.


when I tried to complete the exercise 13, tells me this wrong, but I'm writing correctly. help ... He tells me not to put "monty" but yes I do


Err... To help, please post your code, well formatted also so I could know what's wrong.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


hey you

monty = true
python = 1.234
monthy_python = python**2

why is this wrong?


no idea facing the same issue...if come to know kindly inform


Make sure the "T" in true is capitalized. I was stuck too and that was my problem.


In python, it's written as True and not true.


still not working even with the t caped

monty = True
python = 1.234
monty_python= python **


never mind i found the answer and here it is:

my_variable = True
monty = True
python = 1.234
monty_python = python**2


Okay, good you did!

Code on! :slight_smile:



It's not working for me.

Pls help.



I think, that the main and sole purpose of this code is not to find the square but is to just recall things you already learnt. Because, the name of the exercise is: "Bring it all together" :sunny: