Why do we need framework? What's function? 🤔

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I still can’t understand until today, why do we need framework when do coding?

Hey @coreblaster65812! The reason people use frameworks is because JavaScript alone can’t perform all the tasks that are wanted. Frameworks are used to give JavaScript those abilities. Just think of it like this. You have a drill. Now, a drill usually comes with the basic screwdriver attachment, and you can do a fair bit with that. But with that alone, is the drill complete? You can get drill bits of all different sizes for the various tasks you’ll need. And frameworks are like those drill bits. There are just some tasks you can’t perform with just the basic drill, but that drill could perform the tasks if you just gave it a couple more attachments.

Sorry if that’s a little bit confusing, I may have gone a little to far with the metaphor :wink:


we don’t need frameworks, its possible to decide to do a project without frameworks.

however, a framework gives you a lot more pre-made building blocks. This allows more rapid development.

Some frameworks are so massive, that there internal working can be a mystery, and if something goes wrong with the framework it can be a pain to fix.

Just for learning sake, i once build my own ORM and query builder, that was really useful to do, but it takes so long, and then you still have to implement the business logic. If you start with a framework, you can get down to the business logic right away.

so like everything in programming, you have to consider the pros and cons of (not) using a framework.


@stevencopeland Ohh Hye! thanks for the reply. Using that metaphor I can understand it better than before. So, meaning to say here framework help the development more faster? Sorry if i’m confusing you with my language. :wink:

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thanks @stetim94 , it’s mean that framework are optional to be use and it helps programmer to develop a software more rapidly. Am I right?

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Given a framework gives you a lot more building blocks (abstraction), it should mean more rapid development, but the execution time of the program is probably slower.


Yes, like @stetim94 said, frameworks will speed up development.