Why do we create a link to the page we are already in?

relative path links to local file with in the main folder or the root folder.
So why in this exercise it is told to write to link index.html with in the same index.html.

Brown Bears Brown bear ............this links to index.html right? but it is already inside this index.html no/
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Yeah, it links to the Brown Bear page. It’s so that you can come back to it after visiting About Me.


why did we first add a link to index.html ? isnt it the file we are working on it?

The purpose behind a link to the current page is that it is the “homepage” and we are creating a consistent series of links across all the pages of our website. Each page will contain this same set of links even though it includes a link to the current page, it can help users understand where they are at within the website. Think of it as a sitemap.