Why do the loops work? (How do they ever match?)

only mutual follower are added to the array. This is because we check if the follower is mutual (both have follower with same name), this is the result of the if condition.

So, basically the code is saying if some of the bobsFollowers are in or comparable to TinasFollowers, which, some are.
Then since some of bobsFollowers are mutual to tinasFollowers, push or put the mutual followers into a new set of variable, which is mutualFollowers.

Pls, tell me if that is what the if statement is doing!

the if statement to check the followers have the same name.

I was really unsure about the syntax in this tutorial till seeing your comment here - thank you :slight_smile: I couldn’t get why it was bobsFollowers being referenced as a parameter in the .push code at all but now I think I see the code is simply saying that whatever is found in common in both arrays will be pushed to mutualFollowers. This one has taken me the longest yet to really get!