Why do random word get written to the web page in html


I am not stuck on a specific exercise I'm stuck on practicing one using Windows Notepad

I have written random words to test the line spacing in the web page, but I would like to know why do the random words (test line) show up on the webpage at all? Also Why is there a time stamp under the image when I haven't specically told the program to display a time stamp?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<center><img src = "pirate flag(Using for test).jpg" height = "150", width = "70"/><center><!-- So I think this makes a variable 
and sets the image to that variable, then it sets the size and the position of the image on the web browser--> 

<!-- remmber to comment-->
Test line
<br />  <!--skip line-->
TEST Line <!-- Find out how this is being written in the webbrowser with out a coomand telling it to. -->


Also If it is no bother, please let me now of any problems with my question.


You don't have to surround your text in any tags for it to appear, it's just bad formatting if you don't.

Try putting in the boilerplate code


// Your code here


If that doesn't fix it then I have no other suggestions; however, you could always test it and find out on your own.

In the words of Miss Frizzle,


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