Why do I only see one row even though my table contains two sets of `<tr>` tags?


After completing step 1 of this exercise, why do I only see one row even though my table contains two sets of <tr> tags?


The rows within your table will not be visible until you have created cells or headings within the <tr> tags. In the next exercise, you will populate the first row with table headings and this row will be visible.


I did not do in yet.√

Because you set up only one line using

If you wanna insert two lines, you must have to set up two tags and add data using tag.


I love how Wiki-bot asks questions to clarify what’s already on our minds. Thanks wiki-bot! :smiley:


Can I number my data or rows?

Like instead of just putting “tr” can I put “tr1”,“tr2” and so on.
Likewise for data, td to td1,td2, and so on.

Would it cause any problems to do code?


Have the same question. Hope, someone can help

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@javamaster97346 and @cloud0687405106

No you cannot modify a HTML tag for a html element such as td or tr, you can however add an id tag to the specific element like so:

<tr id="first_row">

However keep in mind you can only use a specific id tag once. Having two elements with the same id tag is not possible.


If you really needed to label them you could always leave a comment labeling it for yourself later. A comment will not effect the code.


I think wiki-bot is trying to say: Because only one of the rows has table data to show. The other row is still empty so it does not show.

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I agree… we set up 2 td but only entered actual data into one row. The white space for the 1st td was ignored.

Bots ask the same question they have been assigned to. I think these questions are strategically placed in order to engage the students. That’s the reason I love codecademy.

So if I have 50 tables with rows and cells in my html code , all of them will show up on the webpage? Are tables automatically displayed??

I am struggling with table data can someone help me please


In this exercise, why do we do the second row first?

Make sure you put the data in the second row first. The program says either are correct however that may be an issue for the following page. The first set of opening and closing table row tags tags should be empty. Just one suggestion, I am not sure if that solves your problem.