Why do I keep getting this error despite saying NONE in Python



Why do I keep getting this error "_ Oops, try again. Double check your value for bool_two!"

_despite saying NONE in Python

Could you please help.


I don't think "NONE" showing up is much of an indication of whether your value for bool_two is correct? The solution here is probably to do as the error message suggests, re-considering the value of bool_two.


Hi ionatan,

Below is the bool_two inputs . Can you please advise.

bool_one = 1+1 == 9>10

bool_two = 3**4<4**3

bool_three = 10%3<=10%2

bool_four = 3**2 + 4**2 !=5**2

bool_five = 3==2+1


The instructions are to assign the results of certain expressions into their corresponding variables.

The result of a boolean expression is a boolean. There are two boolean values.

So figure out the result for each one and then assign those results to the variables.

Essentially you need to read the instructions more carefully!


Ah!! Silly me :frowning: .
Thanks for your guidence.


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