Why do certain words in SQL turn blue, even if they aren't clauses?

Below is a basic query command, selecting 3 columns (name, genre, year) from the table ‘movies’. Why is ‘year’ blue even though it’s referring to a column we are selecting? I’ve so far only seen blue words = clauses.

According to a Google search (see this article-about number 822), year is actually a keyword in some forms of SQL databases. Here is the full Google search results page, if you’re interested.


Lol you’re great. Thanks! So basically, in SQL if it’s a keyword it’s blue?

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In the Codecademy learning environment, yes. If you use other text editors/other SQL parsing/writing software, the keywords might be coloured differently.

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Got it. So same concept of highlighted keywords, but different software will use different colors to highlight.

Thank you!

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Bottom line, SQL will never show us RED. It only gives polite warnings.