Why did't website save last changes?


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I’ve been working for a while with a code and I was always storing the code online. This time as usual I pressed “save & submit” and when console asked for input I just closed the tab relying on codecademy to save my code. But when I entered codecademy from another website I’ve noticed, that last major changes were not saved. How do I recover it again. Is there any database with it on codecademy with previous versions?
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I expected it to save the code actually…


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Very sorry for the trouble you had to face. But there is no database from which you can recover your code.

This probably happened because you didn’t complete the exercise fully. Try completing the exercise again and if the problem reappears, report here again and we’ll communicate this issue to the engineering team.

Thank you!

I don’t remember for sure was it your fault or my, but I just continued to work at the battleship and finished it already on my pc.
Anyway thanks for your learning and sorry if it was my fault and I blamed you for nothing… )))