Why did the pace of the exercises started to go so fast?

To Codeacademy.

Sorry, but after Lists Theme started, the curve of education went more like in the meme about drawing an owl. The exercises started to go so fast. And the quizzes include bits of code never explained before (like += in this exercise). I feel completely lost, though I was quite confident before, because the first topics were explained much more in detail and the training was done better.

I would really hope, that Codeacademy will take this into account.


They definitely need to be more details in these training’s…


I feel your pain, I am in the same situation and seriously considering going elsewhere. The wording of the tasks, exercises and the amount of training time done before you move on to other concepts is just simply not good enough.

I was feeling great until I went on to lists, but now feel a bit lost and unprepared and not grasping the questions to the point where I can finish them myself, what’s worse is the effect of this is only compounded, the further you go, the worse it gets to you feel completely out of depth, and this seems to happen with other modules as well.

Had the same experience when I started on SQL, got to the end and was feeling moderately confident but I was actually completely unprepared for the end tasks.

The command prompt training that was recommended that I do it by SQL module, the training did the same as well, the very end tasks, completely above previous levels.

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Previously I was thinking about buying an annual subscription, but now I’m also considering going elsewhere. If you find a good place, please, share with me.

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Same as myself, I wanted to try the Month and then go for annual, and glad I did it that way.

I just googled the best ways to learn python and you’ll be surprised by what you find.

There is no easy root of course, as it’s very challenging as we all can guess, but I keep seeing the same thing repeated, don’t waste to much time on building basic syntax knowledge and head into basic projects of your design.

This is an intense learning style, which I can guess will be really frustrating due to the amount of troubleshooting, but the rewards are far bigger. I tend to agree with it, that making my own projects would be far more fascinating than learning syntax by rote.

The other thing I keep seeing is that you need to find your mojo, your motivation, without that you will probably fail.

Check this article below.

I believe I will try Udemy or Learn Python the hard way instead.


Udemy have offers on Python at the moment with data visualisation as well for unlimited access for less than the cost of just one month access to codecademy

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This was really helpful, thank you! :slight_smile:

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I’m not affiliated with CC. I have been here for over a year. I also have paid courses in Udemy. Udemy only works if you are a visual learner. The only thing they offer is videos to watch. If you can learn that way that’s fine, but most will not. On top of that, it (like anywhere else that is worth it) has a pay wall, and what you pay here, is what you will get out of 2 or 3 courses on Udemy. Those courses you can use up in one month easily, yet here you have 12 months for same price, and unlimited courses at that. At least with here you get a hands on style which is realistic to real world (typing out the code and trying to figure things out). Udemy is not real world at all.

I do agree with the SQL experience here. It (IMO) was so bad it needs to be removed and redone. I have done C++, C#, Python2, now Python3, along with JS, HTML, CSS, and they are all well done (especially Python).

Your best bet IMO is to be as comprehensive as possible. That means not only those other sites, but this site as well. In real world experiences you will have to do the same with StackOverflow, CodeReview, and many other sites. Trying to find that one site that is the end all be all will never happen because it doesn’t exist.


I honestly wonder if there is a reason to this. Make you search for answers, but at the same time it can be seen as a slight to the learner. In coding i understand you will have to search for a lot of your questions, make mistakes and find answers. This however when learning through a course, you may have paid to have access to, can seem like you’re being cheated out of your money.

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You are right, it feels like being cheated. I trusted Codeacademy to take me through an intro to coding, but Codeacademy tricked me.

Finding answers by yourself is ok, it’s a normal part of practice, but here the system is “description of code” — “check exercise”. When it breaks without explanations, me personally, I feel sad.

Same experience here. I was doing totally fine until some point in lists when I found myself hitting a wall every couple minutes.

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Well I think the main takeaway is that there is no magic pill for this stuff.
Other processes will have their limitations as well, what is important is doing what you’re doing and marking out what the limitations are and what that means to you. Meanwhile, one keeps trying to sharpen the technique of learning as well.