Why did my submit button disappear

Hi. why did my submit button disappear I’m lost

Form a Story Form A Story Logo
<section id="main">
  <h1>Complete the Form -<br> Complete the Story!</h1>
  <!--Add your form below:-->
  <form action="story.html" method="GET">

<label for="animal-1">Animal:</label>
<input id="animal-1" type="text" name="animal-1"/>

<label for="animal-2">Another Animal:</label>
<input id="animal-2" type="text"   name="animal-2" required />
<br />

One More Animal:

<label for="adj-1">Adjective(ends in -ed): </label> 
<input id="adj-1" type="text" name="adj-1" required />

Verb(ends- in ing):


Yes or No:



Relative speed(ends in -er):

Hi there!

Could you properly format your code, please? It’s difficult to offer assistance when it’s pasted as is.

You do so by using Preformatted text option above the text box ( </> ), pressing Ctrl + e, or you can copy and paste this:

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Thank you! :slight_smile: