Why did I have to use another parameter inside of the forEach method?

I have a doubt about the code that I created for one of the code challenges I was working on…when I created the new function called acceptEverything, I used a forEach method and according to the solution had to use a different parameter (in this case e) than the rest of the code…why?

const veggies = ['broccoli', 'spinach', 'cauliflower', 'broccoflower']; const politelyDecline = (veg) => { console.log('No ' + veg + ' please. I will have pizza with extra cheese.'); } let declineEverything = (arr) => { arr.forEach(politelyDecline) }; acceptEverything = arr => { arr.forEach((e) => {console.log(`Ok, I guess I will eat some ${e}.`)}); }; console.log(acceptEverything(veggies)) console.log(declineEverything(veggies));