Why Command Line


Well I just finished the command line course and it was kind of fun. I have no idea what I will use it for in my quest to become a front-end developer. Years ago I took a class in database management in college, I think we used SQL, the command seemed vaguely familiar to what I did about two decades ago. So my question is what is the application of these skills? When I will i be using this for web development?


The command line can be used in a number of ways for front end web dev.

The most useful, in my opinion, is for package managing and keeping programs like jquery up to date. Its also much easier to set up a file structure for a project using the comnand line than it is to manually create loads of new folders to populate with files using mkdir project for instance.

Here is a great article on the uses of the command line as a front end web dev.


Thanks Jas, that was the article that I was looking for and did not know it. I quess I could have googled the question, but it nice to hear a response from someone else. I agree with the article, learning command line is fun and this article lays out the practice purpose well. Thanks for the help:+1:


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