Why can't you change your username on the forum?

I have it stuck to this autonomous username image

You can change the username on the main website of codecademy, this name change is then reflected on the forum

Wasn’t there an existing topic on this matter? Have you looked? Its always recommend to look for existing topics first


I saw one about profile pictures not working (which is true) but not about usernames

but if you saw that, you should realize that the codecademy username and forum username are related, and the place for change is the main site of codecademy

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On Codecademy I do have a custom profile picture and username for quite a while now, but it never really printed on the forums .
I found this similar topic Trouble changing username , and they say it’s because of an issue between the connection of the website with the forums. Thing is that they somehow managed to fix it for him.

You could try logging out on both forum and main site, then log back in on main site, the login on forum. If that doesn’t work, i will make a bug report

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I did that several times and my username is not autonomous anymore, which is nice. But my profile picture is still default.

The profile picture is still broken, the bug has been reported for the pictures