Why can't we use <h1> instead of <p> in html? i don't see any difference



H1's look like this

Paragraphs look like this.

It's simple design differences.


That's why I attached the screenshot,
I used the h5 and there is only font differences i can see. and I'm not asking about font sizes,
what is the difference bw their purposes,they seem to do same thing
this is my doubt.


They help structure your HTML code. Part of the document structure.
Search engines like Google grabs results based on headings, especially your <h1> as it is the most important one.
Headings are also helpful for Accessibility where assisstive technologies may list out the headings to the user and they can jump to sections.
It's like how people structure Word documents, they have title and subtitles. Same concept.


THANK YOU SO MUCH:slight_smile:


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