Why can't I understand anything with JavaScript

Warning, I’m a a total idiot. I’ve learned (probably very poorly) HTML, PHP and CSS on my own. I can’t understand anything with any of these tutorials or the discussions. What else do I need to know to learn javaScript? I have no idea what anyone is saying, I can follow them but don’t understand anything at all. How long does it take to feel comfortable learning this language? I hate it so much but I have to learn it for work and I still don’t even know what it even really does except everything is written in it apparently?

While HTML is the real language of the browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) and the webpages we view in them, JavaScript allows users to interact with those webpages. When you click a button, or you scroll down the page, or you just load a webpage, JavaScript can listen for those events and then do something when those events occur.

When you click on the play button of an audio player, the audio plays because of JavasScript.

JavaScript can take the information you fill in a form and pass it to a database to store.

When you start to learn JavaScript, HOWEVER, none of that is obvious because we learn the nuts and bolts of the language first (variables, functions, loops, etc.) but they don’t usually get taught in connection with changing a webpage.

I wish more Javascript was taught that way. What joy comes from clicking a button and watching a webpage change according to your wishes! It’s an instant connection as to why we even should learn that language.

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It seems like you would benefit from the Code Foundations path.

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Thank you for the reply. This helps make some sense of what JavaScript does. I feel like if I could see what I was doing and how it works it would be more understandable. Learning the terms and everything is just too much. I feel like it’s a big science test or something.

Thank you. I’ll check that out. I started learning just JavaScript on it’s own, then was recommended the web dev course, which is where i’m stuck now in the javascript chapter. Hopefully The other course will help.

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