Why can't I see the title of the website?


Why can’t I see the title of the website?


The title element, <title>, gives the website a title that can be seen in the browser’s title bar or on the page’s tab. In the Codecademy editor we cannot see the browser’s title bar or the page tab. Try opening any link like https://www.codecademy.com/learn in a new browser window or tab. At the top of the new window or tab you’ll see some text - that text is the title of the website - the text between the opening, <title>, and closing, </title>, tags in the page’s HTML document.

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sorry i didn’t understand what should i do to see the title to the website ?

  • Open the notepad of your operating system
  • Copy the following code into the notepad:
<! DOCTYPE html>
   <title> This is the header of my website, here are things that are handled behind the scenes and the user does not usually see, except this title that I would like to see too. </title>
   <meta charset = "utf-8" />
   <link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text / css" href = "main.css">
   <h1> Everything that goes into the body of my website, regardless of the label I use, goes here inside the body and is what those who browse through it will see. </h1>

  • Save the file with the name you want and the extension .html, for example index.html
  • Open the file with your favorite browser and you will be able to realize that what is the title of the header.
    *Good luck.Preformatted text
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I think the reason is this editor is a browser within a browser. The problem with the inner browser is it doesn’t have a tab or title bar above it.

It would be useful if the Codecademy team would add it, so all learners can see the effect of adding a title to a webpage.

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