Why can't I open Reggie's Linear Regression Project even though I have downloaded Jupyter Notebook?

When I try to open Reggie’s Linear Regression.zip from Jupyter notebook’s downloads section,
this error appears:


When I try to open _Reggie’s_Linear_Regression.Skeleton.ipynb from Jupyter notebook’s downloads section,
this error appears:

When I try to open _Reggie’s_Linear_Regression.Solution.ipynb from Jupyter notebook’s downloads section,
this error appears:

So, my questions are:
1-) Why these error happen?
2-) How can I open Reggie’s Linear Project with Jupyter notebook?

Thanks in advance.

I have added another image.

You can’t open a .zip file in Jupyter.

unzip the files and save them locally. then try to open the ipynb.

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I have added the third and the final image.

Have you been able to use Jupyter before this point? Any issues or is this the first issue?

This is the first issue.

I don’t have any problem with jupyter notebook besides Reggie’s Linear Regression error.

I’m a little confused by that error mentioning Mac OSX but using a typical widnows path. What’s more it looks like you’re trying to open a file that starts with an underscore, _. I think that might be one of the leftover OSX indexing files that shouldn’t really be included in that .zip file which may then explain invalid start bytes.

Are there other files with a .ipynb extension within the directory you unpacked?
The two important ones should look like the following (no dots or underscores at the beginning)…


You should start with the “skeleton” one as the solution is the answers which kinda defeats the point :grinning:.

I can mimic your error by deliberately trying to open the file saved under __MACOSX/._Reggie_Linear_Regression_Solution.ipynb so it seems like it’s a case of trying to open the wrong file-

__MACOSX/._Reggie_Linear_Regression_Solution.ipynb UnicodeDecodeError('utf-8', ... 'invalid start byte')
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There are two files with a .ipynb extension.

When I try to open, Reggie_Linear_Regression_Skeleton.ipynb this page appears:

When I try to open,
Reggie_Linear_Regression_Solution.ipynb this page appears:

I think the file has been made to be used in Mac operating system and not in Windows operating system.

In my opinion that’s why an error appears when I try to open the file.

What are your thoughts and do you know how can I open the file?

I have added a picture.

I have added another picture.

Those two files are the important ones, ignore the __MAXOSX directory. What happens when you open the Reggie_Linear_Regression_Skeleton.ipynb using the notebook itself?

You have to first launch Jupyter Notebook to view the files.

Go to your terminal, type "Jupyter Notebook’, then a window in your browser should open that will show your directories.

Navigate to the correct file folder where you saved the .ipynb files, then open up the appropriate file. The file should open up in a notebook.


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I have finally found how to open the files with your advice.

Thanks ipynb files work as expected right now.

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