Why cant i get the answers of the challenges?

im new to coding and im trying to learn.
im trying to make https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-python-3/articles/advanced-python-code-challenges-lists at the moment but i wont get the answers by myself.
when i do the practice again i know all the answers. but when im trying to do the challenges i dont know what i have to do and its like high science.
can someone give me some tips how i can learn to get the logic and i will be able to answer the challenges correctly. because i have the feeling atm that i wont learn anything except writing the answers over from the examples or looking them up on the interwebs!

i hope someone can help!

Welcome to the forums!

When I did/do these challenges I generally write/wrote out the question in words that I understand in an actual notebook or, in a Colab notebook to test the code, or, copy my code as an example for later on to test my brain).

For me, if I’m being honest, functions were/are one of the more challenging things I’ve learned (and I am still learning it seems! :slight_smile: ) The only way to get better is to keep practicing, take notes during the lessons and maybe find some other challenges online like say, at Codewars. I’d also maybe suggest going back over the lesson (removing your previous answers) and taking notes (writing them down or in a text editor or something).


thanks for the answer!!
this gives me a little more hope because i was started to think is it something for me.
what kind of notes do i need to take? i have a paper what i wrote with some functions with explenation.
repeating lessons is a thing im doing already but i understand the lesson 100% but the challenges are hard. i think i have a hard time with applying the functions.

btw thanks for the help and i will try you tips!!

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You’re welcome!
Believe me, it’s not just you. Lots of people get stuck sometimes or, feel like they don’t know anything (imposter syndrome). BUT, that’s part of the learning process. When you hit a roadblock, you’ve got to go through it and not around. :slight_smile: (at least, that’s my approach).
Take notes on whatever you need to. The end result is that you understand the concepts presented. It’s not about speeding through the material, but rather, understanding it and being able to apply it as well as continuing to practice it. And, if you can explain it to someone else, even better! That shows you have learned something.


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