Why cant i get pointing a remote to a repo



my code will either get no response or it will say "remote origin already exists" i've tried adding personal-website like with the cd, but that only gave me a bunch of options. i've been trying to crack this for hours and i've just about given up
btw what it SAYS to do is type remote add origin into the terminal, and github, the repo site, says all different things,and the instructions are no help at all

btw the bottom line was at the top before the current first, but got cut off. think of it as the top line

for some reason you cant copy/paste code in the terminal, but you can pretty much see from there


Hi doodle122,
If it can help you, here is the command I typed and it worked fine.

$ git remote add origin https://github.com/deschampse/deschampse.github.io.git


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